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“Whatever happened to those Daily Telegraph Rescue Pets?”


A message from Pete Wedderburn

Every week, my Pet Subjects column in the Daily Telegraph highlights a different rescue pet every week – from mice to cats and dogs to horses, and many others too.

This website has been set up specially to provide an extra way of displaying the photos and information about the weekly rescue pet, with links to the animal rescue group that is trying to find a home for the animal.

Numerous readers have written to me, asking what happened to the various creatures that have been featured. I keep in touch with the rescue groups, and track what happens to every animal.

I’m using this website for two reasons: first, to list the rescue animals that are published in my column in the Daily Telegraph on Saturdays. And second, where possible, to give an update on each animal, to let you know what happens in the end.

If there is a particular animal that you are looking for, you can type their name into the search box (above on the right), or you can click on the categories on the right (Bird, Cat, Dog etc) to scroll through the various species.

Animals that have not yet been rehomed to my knowledge are categorised under “no outcome yet” so you will not find them if you click on Dog/ Cat etc.

Your feedback is welcome – please leave any comments on this blog, or on my Facebook page or Twitter account.


Pet Subjects Rescue: Boysie, an 11 year old tabby cat.

Boysie featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph on Saturday 28th March 2015.

Boysie is an 11 year old tabby cat and has been with us for a year. It’s always sad when the older cats aren’t wanted in favour of the younger kittens. He’s a really lovely, friendly cat and would make someone a great companion.

Contact Castle Goff Cat Rescue in Cornwall on 01840 213365.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Frank is a 5 year old black and white short coated Border Collie.

Frank featured last year in the Telegraph.

Frank is a 5 year old, black and white short coated Border Collie who is not yet neutered. He came to us from another rescue as an unclaimed stray. A friendly boy but can be a little shy when first meeting new people so may be better suited to children over 8 years old. He is fine with other dogs and seems good around the centre cats.

For more information, please contact:

Border Collie Trust GB
Heathway, Colton
Rugeley, WS15 3LY
Office – Tel 0871 560 2282



Frank went to live with another collie and a very experienced collie owner. He is very happy in his new home. Frank’s confidence is growing and the other collie in the home has really taken to him so much so that it even surprised the owner. So a very good result all around.

Fleur - Glastonbury & Wells

Pet Subjects Rescue: Fleur is a 20 month old tortoiseshell/white female cat.

Fleur featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph on Saturday 14th March 2015.

FLEUR is a 20 month old tortoiseshell/white female. She is very playful and affectionate and likes to sit on laps. She would like to be the only female cat in the household but would accept a quiet cat friendly dog. Fleur came to CP when she was pregnant and reared 3 kittens who have all been re-homed. Now she is looking for a home of her own. Fleur is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.
If you live in the Glastonbury & Wells area and think you could offer Fleur a loving home then please call 01749 850660. To find cats in need of homes in your area then please go to www.cats.org.uk/adopt-a-cat and put your postcode in.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Arthur is a lovely 3 year old cat.

Arthur featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last year.

Arthur was found abandoned near Wadebridge in Cornwall and we think he is about 3 years old. He is a darling, very affectionate cat. He so wants a new, good home. As with all our cats, he is neutered.

The cat rescue details are as follows: Castle Goff Cat Rescue, Lanteglos, Cornwall. Telephone 01840 213 365


On 26th June last year, Arthur went to live with Morvenna Powell and her little girl, who both adore him, and live in St Mabyn. We bumped into Morvenna recently who told us how much they both love him.

Diesel, boxer cross Jan 15 (2)

Pet Subjects Rescue: Diesel the boxer.

Diesel the boxer appeared in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last Saturday 28th Feb 2015.

Diesel is approx 6 yrs old,  he has come to us in the rescue centre from the pound . The staff at the pound kept him longer than they should have just because he is such a lovely boy. He walks beautifully on the lead , loves the car and is typical Boxer bouncy. Diesel isn’t sure how to react around other dogs, some he ignores, some he pulls towards and…if they bark at him  he barks back. As his history is unknown Diesel will not be rehomed  with children. If you can offer this lovely boy a home then please contact Sharon Connors on 01908 317399 or Sharon.connors@hcbw.org.uk


Blue and Agatha (1)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Blue and Agatha are large rabbits.

Blue and Agatha featured in Pete’s column last year.

Blue and Agatha have joined us from a near by animal shelter. Blue is a one year old healthy male french lop (5kg). Agatha is a large cross breed who looks like a very large wild rabbit (4kg). She is estimated to be around two years old. These are large to giant sized rabbits who require accommodation appropriate to their size. To find out more about these rabbits, go to www.campnibble.com


An update from their new owner: “Blue and Agatha have settled in well! They are still greedy, but mostly we only feed them at feeding time. They do beg by nudging our feet in the kitchen whenever we go to the fridge or to make drinks….particularly if its within about two hours of feeding time!

Blue is quite an explorer and I may need to get child locks for the cupboard! He often waits behind the door so he can escape when it opens. He is still not keen on a fuss but likes to help with whatever we are doing. He loves eating the grass when he is outside and is very dedicated when it comes to food!

Agatha is much more reserved, but is quite determined – particularly about digging up my rhododendron bush! She has relaxed and settled in and really likes a fuss to be made of her now. She isn’t as curious as Blue, thankfully!”

Pet Subject Rescue: Daisy and Muffin, two 6 year old cats.

Daisy Oct 14

Muffin Oct 14

Daisy and Muffin featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last Saturday 14th February 2015.

Daisy and Muffin are both 6 year old female tabby and white cats that came into Cats Protection together and so would like to be homed together. They love a fuss and if possible would like a quiet home with a garden.

If you live in the Eastbourne area and want to find out more about adopting Daisy and Muffin, or to see cats in need of homes in your area, please visit www.cats.org.uk and put your postcode into the ‘Find a cat’ tool at the top left hand side of the page.

chi chi and chequers

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Chi Chi and Chequers are friendly Staffies.

Chi Chi and Chequers featured during the summer of 2014.

Chi Chi and Chequers are two Staffies who have just entered their tenth year and absolutely love to be made a fuss of and indulge in their love of cuddles. They’re looking for a home with children over 10 as they can be a bit boisterous and can forget their size. In the right home with some home comforts they will be great additions. Contact Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre on 01895 453 930 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk


Chi Chi has been homed successfully but unfortunately Chequers is still waiting for a new home.


Pet Subjects Rescue: Bonnie is a 3 year old black Labrador.

Bonnie featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph on Saturday 31st January 2015.

Bonnie is a pretty, smaller type 3 year old black Labrador. She is not spayed. Bonnie is micro-chipped. She is good with other dogs, loves to play and had good recall. Bonnie would need a firm hand in the house as she likes to get her own way. She would benefit from further training. Bonnie has not lived with cats and she would not be suitable to live with children under the age of 13. This little girl would be ideal for agility or flyball, she loves her exercise.  Located in Buckinghamshire. Please visit our website for the areas in which we operate or call Janet: 01923 446785. Visit www.labrador-lifeline.co.uk.

June 2014 049

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Dobby the precocious hen.

Dobby featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last July.

Dobby is somewhat facially challenged, pretty she isn’t but her personality inevitably compensates. A deformed beak is a relatively rare occurrence, and Dobby has shown that it presents no barrier to a full and interesting free range life.

She was not put forward for re-homing initially so that we could assess her ability to feed, but Dobby immediately dismissed concerns by illustrating that bolting her food was not a problem.  As is often the case, it took so little time for Dobby to worm her way into our affections that she stayed at the charity; a more up front, precocious, enchanting hen you’d be hard-pressed to meet. Dobby really just wants to be on your lap, carried, cuddled, or fed – there’s no in between, she likes to be centre stage.

Dobby is such a poignant reminder that all hens have the ability to tug at heartstrings, whatever their background and go on to provide endless joy, as well as a few eggs!

If you can offer a home to some hens, please contact us at hens@bhwt.org.uk or call us on 01884 860084.


Jane, the founder of British Hen Welfare gave the following update: “As for Dobby … urgh, I’m hopeless, I kept her.  I promise time and again that I won’t keep any more, and then within days they have wormed their way into my affection.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and having the time of her life. You can spot Dobby without even seeing her because she has a very loud and trumpety greeting; she is always so pleased to see me (I’ve usually got treats), and embraces her new free range life with relish.  And yes she shows her gratitude … with scrummy eggs.  Dobby is what you call ‘a cracker’!

June 2014 048


Pet Subjects Rescue: Holly the hen

Holly came out from a farm in the Southwest in December 2014 and was among an extra 500 hens saved from slaughter.  Although most of the hens went straight to their new homes, the extra lucky girls have had to wait for adoptive homes to come forward.  This dear ‘tatty-threadbare’ is in good health apart from a slight limp … which doesn’t stop her from free ranging one bit!  She is quite bold, holds her tail tall and is looking for a nice pet home, along with a few other hens, in which to enjoy her life.

If you would be happy to offer Holly or some other hens a home, please get in touch with the British Hen Welfare Trust at www.bhwt.org.uk or call us on 01884 860084.



Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Mayor Tom is a 7 year old blue merle smooth coated collie.

Major Tom featured in the Telegraph earlier this year.

Major Tom is just over 7 years old, a blue merle smooth coated collie and he is neutered. We rehomed him 18 months ago in 2011 but he sadly came back into our care following the death of his owner last year. Was in another home for 3 weeks but wasn’t getting along very well with the other male dog in the home and was returned, so may be better as an only dog. Major Tom is deaf but is very responsive to a wide range of hand signals. He is housetrained and travels well. Wouldn’t live with cats and may be better suited with older children.

Contact info – Tel 0871 560 2282 or visit http://www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk/
Major Tom has settled in well in his new home and is doing great.
Bath Cats & Dogs-22

Pet Subjects Rescue: Miss Scampi is a 7 year old border collie.

Miss Scampi featured in the Telegraph on Saturday 3rd January 2014.

We took Miss Scampi in from another rescue centre where she was very stressed, as we have more quiet space here whilst she waited to find a home. She has been with us since July 2012. 

We fell in love with her character and her love of the simple things in life – she likes paddling in water and playing fetch. She is a small girl who is happiest when she has a ball in her mouth!

She finds the outside world, change and other dogs very stressful so here we have given her space, quiet and routine. 

When you meet her, she will be reserved but once adopted we know she will learn to sparkle again.

She would be perfectly happy in a home with a large garden, playtimes, cuddles and a warm bed. She would make a wonderful companion.

If you would like to know more about her, or any of our long stay dogs, please contact Jacqui Thornton or Pauline Exon at Bath Cats and Dogs Home Rehoming Team on 01225 787322.

More information is on our website at www.bcdh.org.uk

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Dasher is a 6 month old guinea pig.


25818 dasher b

Dasher featured this summer in the Telegraph.

Dasher is a friendly guinea pig. He’s 6 months old and would like a home where he can get lots of attention and have plenty to do. We have tried to mix him with other cavies but he seems to prefer human company. For more information, contact Bath Cats & Dogs Home on 01225 787 321 or visit the websitewww.bathcatsanddogshome.org.uk.


Dasher has been rehomed. Here is what his new owner has to say about him: ‘Dasher is absolutely fine, we are looking forward to his first birthday. He is a lovely guinea pig and lives up to his name, dashing and jumping about. He is very happy in his new swish indoor hutch and is friends with our other guinea pigs. He loves eating carrots and likes lots of cuddles!’

dali 2 (1)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Dali is a 4 year old neutered male cat.

Dali features earlier this year in the Telegraph.

Dali is a 4 year old neutered male cat. He is a confident boy, very clever – he responds to a whistle, sits and catches treats! Dali would be great in a stables or country home where he can go exploring, he needs to be the only cat.

Contact Bath Cats & Dogs Home for more info on him 01225 787321 or visit our website www.bcdh.org.uk


Dali has been homed successfully and he is very happy in his new home. Owner Sarah says: “Dali is a beautiful cat who settled in immediately. He is cheeky, adventurous, and is always busy exploring and catching mice. When I work at home, he lies on my desk. He is just magic.
He really is the most beautiful boy, I am utterly smitten with him, the best decision I ever made.”

photo1 photo2

Dipsy Oct 14

Pet Subjects Rescue: Dipsy the cat.

Dipsy featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last Saturday 6th December 2014.

Dipsy is a 3 1/2 yr old female who came into the centre as her previous owners were divorcing. She is now  looking for a new home. She is a little shy but once you get to know her she loves a stroke and a fuss. She will be happy to live with a family with older children but possibly not younger ones.

If you live in the Eastbourne area and want to find out more about adopting Dipsy, or to see cats in need of homes in your area, please visit www.cats.org.uk and put your postcode into the ‘Find a cat’ tool at the top left hand side of the page. Phone 01825 741 349.


James (1)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: James is a lovely tabby adult male cat.

James featured in the Telegraph earlier this year.

Handsome James is a lovely tabby adult male. He is being been treated for for an allergy and will need to stay on his medication indefinitely.

Sadly James proves very hard to home due to his skin condition and he is desperately seeking a rescue minded person to give him a chance. He is a real charmer and has a beautiful personality.

To enquire about James and learn more about the medication he needs and what else is required, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send Celia Hammond Animal Trust an email at canningtown@celiahammond.org


James has been successfully rehomed and is very happy.


Pet Subjects Rescue: Lolly, a 4 year old mongrel

Lolly was the rescue pet that featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last Saturday – 29th November 2014.

Name: Lolly; Age: 4 Years; Breed: Mongrel; Sex: Female; Centre: Old Windsor; Reference: 072942. Poor Lolly has been looking for her new home for almost 600 days! She is a real sweetheart with a fantastic personality; she adores a cuddle and will try to sit on your lap for snuggles. On the other hand, she has lots of energy and loves being kept busy when on walks – she would play fetch all day if she could! Lolly comes house-trained, but may need a few reminders as she gets used to being in a home again. In addition, she already knows SIT, DOWN, both PAWS, STAY, DROP and BED. With some time to settle into her new home, Lolly will make a fantastic addition to her new home. If you can offer Lolly a home, please call Battersea Old Windsor on 01784 494443 for more information.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Foxy is a two year old Akita dog.

DSC_4926 sm (3)

Foxy featured earlier this year in the Telegraph.

Foxy the Akita has been in Battersea Dogs and Cats Home now for a year.  She is currently in a foster home and her carers report she has settled well to her new routine. She is also house trained and travels well in the car.

Foxy enjoys mixing with other dogs and can at times be enthusiastic about playing. She is still very young and developing her social skills and will need to be the only dog in her new home. If given time, patience and the correct guidance Foxy shows the potential of becoming a loyal and rewarding canine companion.

Contact  Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7622 3626 or check our website www.battersea.org.uk for more information.


After spending more than a year at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Old Windsor centre, a lonely Akita has been given a new start to life thanks to Warren Higgs and his 12 year old son Sebastian from Windsor. Foxy used to be afraid of men so Mr. Higgs and Sebastian came to the centre every day for two weeks to spend time with Foxy.

Mr Higgs says: “The change in her is incredible. When we first met Foxy she wouldn’t come near us and now she cries when my son leaves to go to school. Every day she gets better and better, she loves other dogs and all the children in the neighbourhood. Sebastian absolutely adores her – they go for walks and watch television together. They both give me a reason to get up every morning.



Pet Subjects Rescue: Gracie, a lovely affectionate cat.

Gracie featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last Saturday – 22nd Nov. 2014

Gracie is a beautiful and very affectionate cat in her early teens.

She was dumped in our waiting room with no note or any other information so we don’t know anything about her. Gracie had some badly infected teeth which have now been removed. This doesn’t affect her eating and she seems quite content and free of pain.

Gracie would make a lovely companion to anyone but may prefer a quieter household where she can spend a lot of time snuggled up on a sofa with her human friends.
We have not tested her with other cats yet.

To enquire about Gracie or to find out about other animals at Canning Town, please telephone 0207 474 8811 or send CHAT an email [Please include a contact phone number]


Biscuit  (2)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Biscuit is a 2 year old Mongrel.

Biscuit features last August 2014 in the Telegraph.

Biscuit is an intelligent, energetic youngster who also has sensitive side. He is currently in a foster home as he was finding kennel life very stressful. He is now looking for experienced new owners to continue to provide him with guidance, training and socialisation. Biscuit will certainly keep you on your toes but he is so rewarding to train. His foster carers describe him as a very happy dog – almost always wagging his tail unless he is too tired! Biscuit enjoys playing with toys and will happily amuse himself, calm and constructive games should be encouraged. Biscuit loves treats and should be used as a training tool. He has been learning lots of commands in his foster home and has now mastered: sit, down, paw, other paw, away and no. He is working on leave, stay, watch and off. Biscuit is also housetrained and a good traveller in the car. Biscuit is keen to meet other dogs and can be over excited at times, once relaxed he enjoys a game. Due to the need for consistent one to one training Biscuit should be the only dog in his new home. Biscuit is looking for experienced new owners who have a knowledge and understanding of bull breeds to help him reach his full potential as he is going to need plenty of training and patience. In experienced hands and with further guidance Biscuit should make a fun and loving dog in his new home. Biscuit is currently in a foster home, if you would like any further information on him please contact the Old Windsor site on 01784 494443. Visit www.battersea.org.uk.


Poor Biscuit is still looking for a home. He has been in Battersea now for 630 days!


Pet Subjects Rescue: Leah a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Leah featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph on Saturday – 15th November 2014.

Loveable Staffordshire Bull Terrier Leah is in desperate need of a new home at the National Animal Welfare Trust.

She arrived in the care of the NAWT as a stray but is obviously used to a home environment as she is finding life in kennels very distressing. Leah is around 10 years old but this doesn’t stop her enjoying herself and she gets on well with other dogs and loves to play before settling down for a snooze! She adores company and was previously based at our Somerset branch, where she enjoyed spending time greeting visitors in the centre’s reception. Leah would be best suited to a home with older children that are used to dogs.

If you think you could offer her a home please contact the National Animal Welfare Trust’s Berkshire rehoming centre on  01488 638584or visit our website www.nawt.org.uk for more information.

Bobby - north ayrshire (1)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Bobby the cat who is a big softy.

Bobby featured in the Telegraph earlier this year.

Bobby was a long term stray, but despite his efforts of living rough he is still a big softy with a friendly nature. He will make a great pet for his new family. Bobby’s ideal home will have outdoor access with a garden for him to explore. He has been fully vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is waiting to be adopted. If you live in the southwest area of Scotland and think you could offer Bobby a loving home, Please contact the branch on 0845 3714218 or go towww.northayrshire.cats.org.uk to find out more.

To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visitwww.cats.org.uk


Bobby has been successfully rehomed.


Molly Dec 13 (2)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Molly, a 7 year old small red boxer.

Molly featured earlier this year in the Telegraph.

Molly, aged 7 is a small red boxer, who adores people but sadly dislikes other dogs and needs to be the only one in the home.  She has extreme separation anxiety and needs someone who will work with her to overcome her fears, with the help of a behaviourist if that will help.  Molly is in kennels in Milton Keynes and has been there far too long.  If you can give Molly the home she deserves please contact Sharon Connors on 07952 882023 or visit the website hcbw.org.uk


Molly was with the rescue centre for many months. Unfortunately, during this time she had to have her tail amputated. She wagged it so much that it bled and became infected. Now she happily wags her stump! Molly has just been rehomed with a lady who was looking for a boxer. We are absolutely over the moon as Molly has been with us for nearly a year. Hopefully all will go well. Molly is lovely with humans but still is a demon with all things on four legs!

Epsom and ewell - Piper 1

Pet Subjects Rescue: Piper, a five year old female black and white cat.

Piper features in Pete’s column in the Telegraph this weekend – 11th October 2014.

Piper is a five year old black and white female cat. She is shy but gentle and very affectionate. Piper lived in the grounds of a hotel until it closed. She needs a quiet home away from busy roads. If you live in the Surrey area and think you can offer Piper a loving home, please call the Epsom, Ewell and District Branch rehoming office for more details on 01737 350 307. To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit www.cats.org.uk

Reg charity 203644 (England and Wales) SC037711 (Scotland)



Pet Subject Rescue: Molly is a 5 year old neutered sable and white short coated collie.

Molly features this weekend in the Telegraph – 1st November 2014.

Molly is a 5 year old neutered sable and white short coated collie. She was admitted to us from her own home. Molly was in another home for 2 weeks but was returned as she had growled at the female owner when being fussed but was fine with male owner. Molly is housetrained, good when left alone for 5 hours, good with other dogs and cats and knows basic commands. Molly does bark at other cars when she’s travelling but doesn’t always react to passing traffic when out on a walk. Although she has been good with owners 3 year old grandchild she may be better suited  with children over 8 years old. Needs a quiet and calm home.

Phone 0871 560 2282 or visit www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk.






Pet Subjects Rescue: Rooney is a 1 year old Husky.

Rooney features in Pete’s column in the Telegraph this weekend – 4th October 2014.

Rooney is a 1 year old playful boy who loves being out and about. He’s very friendly but he doesn’t always remember his manners so he’s looking for very active, training-minded owners who don’t mind teaching him the basics. Rooney can live with children aged 7 years and over and will need to be the only dog in the home. It is unknown if he can be left home alone so any time on his own will need building up gradually. Ref: 15936 (Godmanchester Centre). The contact details are: Tel 0844 248 8181 or visit www.woodgreen.org.uk.


Mr Mouse and Mrs Mouse

Pet Subjects Rescue: Mr & Mrs Mouse are two year old rabbits.

Mr & Mrs Mouse feature in Pete’s column in the Telegraph this weekend – 6th Sept 2014.

Mr & Mrs Mouse are looking for a new home due to their owner’s house move. They are only two years old and have already had two homes through no fault of their own. They are lovely, friendly medium sized rabbits.
Sadly, Since joining us Mrs Mouse has needed to have one eye removed due to an abscess in her eyeball. She is otherwise in full health apart from having only the one eye! 
Mr Mouse is a long haired rabbit whose owner needs to be happy to brush him regularly, or keep his hair trimmed. Without this commitment he will get very matted. For this reason he is best suited as an indoor rabbit so he can be kept dry and clean.
Please consider giving these lovely hard to re-home rabbits a special home.

Visit www.campnibble.com for more information.

26617 abby 12220 rupert b

Pet Subjects Rescue: Abby the Labrador and Rupert the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Abby and Rupert feature in Pete’s column in the Telegraph this weekend – 30th August 2014.

Abby is a 10 year old Labrador and Rupert is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Abby and Rupert have come to us through no fault of their own. They would like a home together as they are best friends.

Abby has eczema and will need regular care. She loves swimming and doing training for treats.  Rupert is a big cuddler once he knows you and loves playing tug of war and going for walks. He also needs some skin treatment for sores.

Because they are older and have sore skin, we would ask that any children are older and would understand they need time to relax.

Contact Bath Cats and Dogs Home on 01225 787321 or visit www.bathcatsanddogshome.org.uk for more information.


Bruce (4)

Pet Subjects Rescue: Bruce is an 8 year old Staffy who is looking for a home.

Bruce features in Pete’s column in the Telegraph this weekend – 23rd August 2014.

“Bruce is an adorable mature dog, but do not let his age put you off, he has stacks of energy and loves running around. He is also very good on the lead. His favourite toy is his ball and he enjoys nothing more than to play, and to have lots of fuss and attention from you. He will make someone a lovely playful canine companion. Please come and visit Bruce – and why not bring a ball along with you?. Contact Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary on 01530 243 925 or visit www.redgatefarmanimalsanctuary.co.uk.


Pet Subjects Rescue: Brandy is an 8 year old black and white short coated Collie.

Brandy features this weekend – 9th August 2014.


Brandy is an 8 year old neutered black and white short coated collie who came to us as an unclaimed stray. A confident friendly boy but is a little sensitive being handled around his back end so would be better suited with children over 10 years old. He is good around other dogs and has been fine with the centre cats. Brandy loves to play ball and knows basic commands. Contact Border Collie Trust GB on 0871 560 2282 or visit www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk.




Pet Subjects Rescue: Dixie is a friendly 4 year old cat.

Dixie features this weekend – 25th July 2014.

Dixie was a stray before she was taken in by Cats Protection. She is looking for a home where she doesn’t need to share with other cats and she would like access to the outdoors once she has settled in. Dixie is a very pretty cat with a friendly nature and is only about 4 years old. She will make a great pet. She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed and is now waiting for someone to make the call. 08453714218 or go to www.northayrshire.cats.org.uk where you can find out more about adopting her and also see a video clip of her in action.


Morris and Mabel

Pet Subjects Rescue: Morris and Mabel are healthy 3 year old lop cross rabbits.

Morris and Mabel are healthy 3 year old lop cross rabbits. They are medium/large bunnies in need of a new home due to their owner’s health problems. Mabel was originally taken in as a stray as a youngster, therefore, this is sadly the second time that she has needed a new home. Like many bunnies, Morris and Mabel are quite shy so will need some patience at first to help build their confidence. Contact www.campnibble.com for more information.

Pet Subjects Rescue: Sooty and Sweep are 7 year old cats who are sister and brother.

DSC_1853 (2)Sooty and Sweep feature this weekend – 7th June 2014.

Sooty and Sweep are sister and brother who have always lived together.  Sooty is a sleek, black short-haired female with white paws, chest and whiskers.  Her twin Sweep is similarly patterned but long-haired and fluffy.  They are very close, and Sooty, who is a very intelligent and inquisitive cat, lovingly defends and watches over her rather softer and more gentle brother, Sweep.  Because they are so devoted, we would like to re-home them together.  Sooty in particular is longing to get back into the open air, so a safe garden and a quiet street (or a large outdoor cat-run) would be a must.

They are about 7 years old so they have many years of love and companionship still to give.  They love human company and are always on the look-out for something (or someone) to play with, or a lap to sit on. Contact Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary in Leicestershire on 01530 243 925.



Pet Subjects Rescue: Peppermint, a 4 year old male Rabbit.

Peppermint features this weekend – 10th May 2014

Peppermint is a 4 year old neutered male. He is friendly with big blue eyes. He needs to be rehomed with a spayed female. Peppermiint has a teeth problem, which will be covered by us using our own vet. Please “Think Rescue, When you want a pet”. Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre 01243 641409 or visit www.crrc.co.uk


Pet Subjects Rescue: Buddy the dog who has had a difficult start in life.

Buddy features in the Telegraph this weekend – 26th April 2014.

Buddy was brought to Wood Green, The Animals Charity towards the end of last year by the RSPCA. He was in a very poor condition and needed weeks of treatment and foster care before he was fit enough to start looking for his forever home. Buddy is going to need ongoing treatment for his skin, but despite everything he has been through he is such a loving and happy boy. He is looking for an experienced, training minded home where he will get plenty of love, attention and exercise to ensure the rest of his recovery is in a stable environment.

Contact Tel: 0844 248 8181 or visit www.woodgreen.org.uk

Tina Lewknor

Pet Subjects Rescue: Tina, a very friendly one-year-old Lurcher

Tina features in the Telegraph this weekend – 19th April

One-year-old lurcher Tina is a very friendly, intelligent girl. She loves training sessions and has already learnt to do a twist and one of her favourite games is scent trails. Due to her breed Tina is looking to be an on lead dog only with ideally the opportunity to have a good play in a secure garden. Tina will make a lovely companion and would be best suited to a home with an older family environment where everyone can get involved with training and interesting games. Tine would like to be the only pet.

If you feel you have room in your life for this wonderful girl, please contact the Blue Cross Lewknor rehoming centre on 0300 777 1500 for more information or visit www.bluecross.org.uk

Mikey 11.3 (1)

Pet Subjects Rescue: Mikey is a lovely, well mannered Boxer.

Mikey features this weekend in the Telegraph – 5th April

“Mikey is a lovely chap, who came to us through no fault of his own, and we would really like to help him find his forever home as soon as possible. Extremely friendly Mikey loves people, and, be warned… does like to give slobbery kisses from time to time! Very content with a comfy bed or snugly duvet Mikey would like nothing more than a quiet home in which he can retire …and be cuddled!   “Not over the hill yet Mikey loves a good game of chase and fetch, and enjoys going out for nice leisurely strolls. Having lived in a home before, Mikey has beautiful manners, and is fully housetrained and would appreciate being the only pet in a home with older children who are happy to give him time to relax. A nice calm canine, Mikey will make a wonderful family friend.”   If you think Mikey sounds like your perfect friend please contact the team at Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 498 377 or visit them at North End Row, Snetterton, Norfolk, NR16 2LD. www.dogstrust.org.uk

Pet Subject Rescue Outcome: Lilo and Stitch are a pair of young ferrets

25454 lilo a (1)





25452 stitch b (1)





Lilo and Stitch featured in November 2013.

Lilo and Stitch are a pair of young ferrets; Lilo is a four month old female whilst Stitch is a four month old male. They are looking for a fun home together and would suit first time owners. They spend most of their time playing, play fighting and snoozing together. In fact they do everything together. They love to be handled and spend time with you since they are very inquisitive and like to check out what you are doing. Because they are only young they still need to learn a few house rules and ‘ferret manners’ such as bite inhibition. We have already started their training and can give you further tips to help you along your way. Reference BS25452/4

To find out more please visit www.bathcatsanddogshome.org.uk  or call (01225) 787 321.


Lilo and Stitch are now swinging from the rafters (in a pair of jeans!) in Wotton-Under-Edge with the Woodland family. They can still be a bit ‘bitey’ though but are slowly getting used to being handled. They have calmed down considerably since their arrival. They are very inquisitive and like nothing better than exploring their makeshift hammock made from an old pair of jeans. Inevitably, exploration on this kind of scale will often result in a group cuddle and a snooze in their outdoor cage. Exhausting work!!



Pet Subject Rescue Outcome: Mulan and Jessica, a pair of grey gerbils

 25361 mulan 25362 jessica a (1)

Mulan and Jessica featured in October 2013

Mulan and Jessica are a pair of grey gerbils, they are both female and only 2 months old. They are full of beans and love to have ‘adventures’ in the gerbilarium we have here onsite. An ideal first pet for any child since they love being handled and checking out their surroundings. Reference BS25361/2                    

To find out more please visit www.bathcatsanddogshome.org.uk  or call (01225) 787 321.


Mulan and Jessica, or Jessie as she now likes to be called (after Jessie from Toy Story), are gerbils and they live with their new family in Trowbridge. Mulan and Jessie have settled down nicely. However, they are still a little nervous about being picked up. They do venture out of their cage especially if it’s for a treat such as dried raisin or a pumpkin seed (or three!). They simply love to chew – chewing on cardboard is without doubt their favourite past-time. They are very funny to watch. For example, Mulan likes to kick the sand out of their sandpit whilst Jessie likes to kick it back in! They do behave a lot like meerkats, standing on their back legs and looking out for the ‘invisible enemy’.


Pet Subject Rescue Outcome: Jigsaw, a five year-old Alaskan Malamute

jigsaw (1)

Jigsaw featured in September 2013.

“Jigsaw is looking for a home that will take its time with her to help her settle in. She does need further training and socialising and would ideally like a family that have experience of the breed. She gets on well with other dogs when out and about but likes being made a fuss of so would prefer to be the only dog in a feline free home.

A ‘pawfect’ match for Jigsaw would be a rural retreat with access to lots of amazing walks where she can explore and use up some of her endless energy. True to her breed she is very intelligent and does require a lot of exercise but in the right environment with the right loving family she will flourish and become a great addition to the family.”

If you would like to find out more about Jigsaw please contact Dogs Trust Harefield on 01895 459 930 or visit her and the team at Dogs Trust Harefield, Highway Farm, Harvil Road, Harefield, Uxbridge, UB9 6JW. www.dogstrust.org.uk


Sadly Jigsaw hasn’t got a new home yet. She has been moved from Dogs Trust Harefield to our Loughborough rehoming centre as she is working with our training team there.

Pet Subject Rescue: Blue and Agatha are two giant rabbits

Blue and Agatha

Blue and Agatha feature this weekend – 22nd February 2014

Blue and Agatha have joined us from a near by animal shelter.

Blue is a one year old healthy male french lop (5kg). Agatha is a large cross breed who looks like a very large wild rabbit (4kg). She is estimated to be around two years old. These are large to giant sized rabbits who require accommodation appropriate to their size. To find out more about these rabbits, go to www.campnibble.com

For more details on the requirements of large/giant rabbits please read the following information from the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund:


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Loopy and Rupert, two 1 year old cats who are brothers

Loopy and RupertLoopy and Rupert featured in August 2013

These beautiful, affectionate one year-old white brothers are seeking a special new home together. As they are deaf they would need to be homed as indoor cats, or ideally with secured outdoor access such as a run or fenced-off garden.

If you can offer Loopy and Rupert a loving home, please contact the Framlingham & Saxmundham Branch on 01728 723 499 or go to www.framandsax.cats.org.uk/framandsax/adopt-a-cat To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit www.cats.org.uk


Happily for Rupert and Loopy their dilemma was seen taken up by the Daily Telegraph who featured them in the pet column in a Saturday edition.  This was spotted by a couple in Hampshire and the rest, as they say, is history.

Freddie (formerly Rupert) and Tilly May (formerly Loopy) have found a wonderful new home with new owners Julia and Martin and seem to want for nothing.  They are currently being kept indoors but a special safe outdoor run is being constructed for them to be allowed outside when the weather improves.  In the meantime they are enjoying exploring their new home and creating the type of havoc only young cats can get away with.  Apparently there have been a few breakages; a certain amount of curtain climbing and lots of chasing up and down stairs.

Freddie is a handsome lad with ice blue eyes and appears to be the quieter of the two enjoying lots of fuss and tickles.  Tilly May (a name meaning strong in battle) who has one wonderful golden and one bright blue eye, is quoted as being a ‘character’ and is the leaper and climber.  Both seem to have their new owners round their little paws.

In their update Julia told us: ‘We are so lucky to have Freddie and Tilly here with us, there’s never a dull moment with them.  They are just so lovely.  Their deafness doesn’t make much difference inside the house at all, occasionally we think Freddie has heard something but we can’t be sure.  Even if Tilly could hear I don’t think she would take much notice of us anyway! We’re looking forward to getting them outside in due course.’

We would like to thank Julia and Martin for giving Freddie and Tilly the chance they deserved.  It gives us such a boost and restores our faith that there is a home out there for even our hard to home felines.







Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Doris the baby rabbit.


Doris featured in the Telegraph in September 2013

Doris was found in a garden as a stray. Attempts to locate her owners have been unsuccessful and it appears like thousands of unwanted pet rabbits each year she has been released to fend for herself. We estimate her to have only been around eight weeks old when found. Doris is a healthy crossbreed who we predict will be small/medium sized when fully grown. She will leave us once old enough to be safely neutered, and is looking for a home with a neutered companion. For more information please check our website campnibble.com or email campnibble@hotmail.co.uk
Please check our online petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49086


Doris is doing brilliantly in her new home. She was neutered once old enough and we then carefully bonded her to Jeffrey another sweet little bunny who was also in need of a companion. She left us to set up home with Jeffrey as a spoilt free range house bunny at the beginning of November. 

Her new owners are really pleased with how she’s settled in. She is definitely the boss of Jeffrey apparently ha! However, they seem to be making each other very happy.

Doris and Jeffrey

Doris and Jeffrey

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Peggy the border collie.


Peggy featured in August 2013

Peggy is 9 years of age, neutered and originally came to us on 2009 as an unclaimed stray.  She enjoys going for walks but is strong on the lead.  She will walk with other dogs quite happily as long as they don’t pester her.  She enjoys being off lead but recall is a problem if she gets focused on something. She was in a home for 2 months in 2011 but returned as she wasn’t coping when being left. She was rehomed again but returned after 6 months as her owner was finding her too strong when she took her out but was also having problems with her escaping from the garden. She’s not good with cats and although has been around children we feel she is only suitable living with teenagers. For more information on Peggy, please contact Border Collie Trust GB on 0871 560 2282 www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk


Peggy was rehomed successfully to a retired couple. Everything is working out very well – Peggy has settled in and is very happy in her new home and her new owners are equally happy with Peggy!





Pet Subject Rescue Outcome: Kobie and Eddie, two lovely boxers

Eddie and Kobie (2)

Kobie and Eddie featured back in August 2013

Kobie and Eddie came into rescue following a relationship breakup and would love a new home where they can stay together.  Kobie is a bouncy white 4 year old boy, very boisterous and very affectionate. His manners on meeting people and other dogs could do with some work. Eddie is a nine year old brindle boy, he is the straight man of the double act, Eddie is quieter than Kobie but still a bouncy happy boy, he is wary of strangers for about two minutes then makes firm friends with them.  To meet them is to fall for them.  If you can offer these boys a home together please ring Sharon Connors in Home Counties Boxer Welfare on 07952 882023 or check the website www.hcbw.org.uk


Happily a home was found for Eddie & Kobie together.  They have settled into their new home really well and are loving the long walks.  Eddie is showing great affection and Kobie is just Kobie – very laid back. He really enjoys his food and walks.  They are extremely gentle with the visiting grandchild and are very accepting of the house rabbit. Their new family are delighted with the new additions to the home.

Pet Subjects Rescue: Katie and Gypsy are two shire cross thoroughbred horses.

Gypsy & Katie 1

Katie and Gypsy feature this weekend – 10th January 2014

Katie and Gypsy are 17 year old shire cross thoroughbred horses. They have lived together for most of their lives so would love to be rehomed together. They have worked hard during their lives doing dressage, cross country and show jumping and are now looking for a retirement home. If you are interested in finding out more, contact: RSPCA, Southridge Animal Centre, Potters Bar. Phone: 0300 123 0704

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Monty, a long haired male ginger and white cat

Monty featured in July 2013

Monty is a distinguished looking long haired male ginger and white cat of about 12 years of age. He had been a stray for some time, managing to get fed by being friendly to anyone that would give him some attention and sneaking into people’s houses.

Monty 2 - Bracknell (1)

His general health is good but he has FIV. This virus depletes the immune system and eventually will make a cat less able to fight off infection. However, because it is such a slow acting virus many FIV positive (FIV+) cats can enjoy a normal lifespan with no related health problems.

Monty would need to be homed as an only cat, as the virus is only contagious to other cats through bites or scratches. Access to some outdoor space would be ideal for him as he has been used to the great outdoors, but it would need to be contained so that he doesn’t come into contact with any other cats.

If you live in the area and can offer Monty a good home, please contact the Bracknell & Wokingham Districts Branch on  0845 371 4212, emailreadingeastcp@hotmail.com or go to www.cats.org.uk/bracknell


Monty was rehomed to a couple who already have another FIV-positive cat called Colonel, so quite apt that they now have Colonel and Monty! Apparently Monty made himself at home straight away (photo attached) and he and Colonel are getting along very well with each other.

Monty in his new home

Monty in his new home

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Trevor the cockerel

24743 trevor c (1)

Trevor featured in August 2013

Trevor is a 14 month old cockerel (ref BF24743) who can whip any brood of hens into laying eggs round the clock. Call Bath Cats & Dogs Home on (01225) 787 321 or visit www.bathcatsanddogshome.org.uk


This is Trevor the cockerel (aka The Terrorist) from Bath Cats & Dogs Home. He’s still a man about town with his harem of ten lovely hens!!


Pet Subjects Rescue: Frank is a 5 year old, black and white short coated Border Collie


Frank features this weekend in the Telegraph – 28th December 2013

Frank is a 5 year old, black and white short coated Border Collie who is not yet neutered. He came to us from another rescue as an unclaimed stray. A friendly boy but can be a little shy when first meeting new people so may be better suited to children over 8 years old. He is fine with other dogs and seems good around the centre cats.

For more information, please contact:

Border Collie Trust GB
Heathway, Colton
Rugeley, WS15 3LY
Office – Tel 0871 560 2282


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Shylo, a four year old white Boxer


Shylo featured in October 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Shylo, a four-year-old white boxer. She’s a strong dog, so an adult-only home would suit her best. To find out more about her, contact Home Counties Boxer Welfare on 01926 429903 (hcbw.org.uk)


Shylo travelled to a new home from Buckinghamshire to Blackpool where she is being loved and well cared for.  Shylo has proved a challenging girl.  Although perfect in the house, she is a minx when she sees other dogs.  Her new owners have been very patient with her and continue to work with her to curb her excesses.  She is a very lucky girl .

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Pharaoh a middle aged cat.


Pharaoh featured on 5th July 2013

Pharaoh is a lovely middle aged cat. He is very affectionate and loves other cats and people. For more information, contact: Celia Hammond Animal Trust, CANNING TOWN BRANCH
151-153 Barking Road, Canning Town, London, E16 4HQ
Tel: 020 7474 8811 (Weekdays, 9am – 5.30pm)
Email: canningtown@celiahammond.org


The people who took Pharaoh also took another cat called Alexander the Great. Here is their report.

“Alex (Olus) and Pharaoh (Bertie) are doing well. They’re both great cats and we feel lucky to have them. Bertie is the leader of the cat herd with Olus as his illustrious follower. They get on quite well though sometimes Bertie has to whack Olus on the bum to let him know he’s still top cat. Bertie is very much a lapcat while Olus likes to be picked up and hugged. They’ve both learned how to use the cat-flap but only Bertie knows how to get in and out, Olus can only get in – he’s not the sharpest claw on the paw.”

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Charlie a terrier/spaniel cross

dog portrait photographed by Oxford and Cotswolds photographer A

Charlie featured in June 2013

Charlie, a terrier/spaniel cross who was found as a stray and is also at our Burford centre, looking for a loving new home. Charlie is around 18 months old. If interested.  Contact Burford Blue Cross rehoming centre on 0300 777 1570


Charlie was adopted by a couple in Befordshire back in June. His new owner said that he is very beautiful and everybody loves him wherever they go. He looks particularly handsome after having a haircut and shampoo! He has settled in really well and has the run of the house, sometimes sleeping on his owners’ bed, sometimes in the kitchen. He loves his long daily walks and also enjoys carrying things around!

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Poppy, a 12 year old cat

Poppy - Preston (1)

Poppy featured in May 2013

Poppy came into our care when her owner died and she has been with us for a whole year now. She is a beautiful but strong-willed 12-year-old cat who will need an experienced owner to offer her a loving forever home without other cats where she can feel settled at last.

If you live in the Preston area and can offer Poppy a good home, please contact the Preston Branch on 0845 177 0708, emailPrestonCatsProtection@gmail.com or go to www.cats.org.uk/preston

To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit www.cats.org.uk


Poppy’s new owner said that Poppy, who had been a holy terror whilst in care, is now a sweet cat who loves to be picked up and carried around, she ‘hardly ever’ gets growly with her owners, but has a low tolerance for strangers and hates to be told off. Her owner says that Poppy is a big softie at heart.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Star a big brown hen

Autumn-Star-GD-October 2012 (1)

Star featured in May 2013

Due to ill health, Star’s owner can no longer look after her. She has been taken in by the British Hen Welfare Trust. Star is a large fit brown hen. At her previous home,she had been allowed to roam wherever she wanted to and Star very quickly made it clear that staying in the designated hen closure was not an option! Without a backwards glance, Star was over the fence and onto the lawn. The area near the bushes where dead leaves accumulated is her favourite hunting ground. For further information, contact British Hen Welfare Trust: info@bhwt.org.uk or Tel: 01884 860084


Star settled into her temporary home with British Hen Welfare Trust staff member, Gaynor Davies, so well that we didn’t have the heart to move her on again, so she remains pottering about in a leafy garden in Devon with plenty of feathered friends for company.  She occasionally pops out an egg, but has taken to free range retirement rather literally, so egg production is now an afterthought rather than her main role in life.  Star appears to be partial to apple crumble with her attempts to draw attention to the windfalls, and together with providing a fresh egg for the custard, she offers a nice little bonus from keeping hens in an orchard!

Star with her new friends in the Orchard

Star with her new friends in the Orchard


Pet Subjects Rescue: Katie the cat



Katie features this weekend – 15th/16th November 2013

Katie is looking for a new home as she wasn’t enjoying living with the young children that joined her family over the years. Her ideal home will have older children or just adults, and she’d rather not have to share with other pets. Pretty Katie has got a lovely nature, and she will make a great companion pet for a single person or a couple.

Katie has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and fully health checked. To find out more about adopting her, call the North Ayrshire Cats Protection on 0845 371 4218 or go to their website www.northayrshire.cats.org.uk where you can see a video clip of her.

To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit www.cats.org.uk


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Emerald the cross bred puppy


Emerald featured in May 2013

This week’s rescue pet is seven-week-old cross-bred puppy Emerald, the 1000th dog in 2013 to arrive at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (020 7622 3626)


A family from Sittingbourne, Kent have given a loving new home to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s 1000th dog of 2013. The nine week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup named Emerald arrived at the world famous animal charity along with his six littermates because their owner could no longer care for them.

Emerald with her new family

Emerald with her new family

But it wasn’t long before precious little Emerald caught the eye of a new family, and was at Battersea for just eight days before finding a new home in Kent.

Owner Daniel Seymour explains: “My wife and I have both owned dogs before, but Emerald is our first family dog. He is absolutely gorgeous and we feel so lucky to have him. We heard about Battersea’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier campaign and after doing some research about the breed decided we definitely wanted a rescue Staffie as there are so many looking for homes. We live in the countryside so there are plenty of lovely walks for him nearby. My wife is at home for most of the day and the children give him so much attention – he’s never bored or lonely! Taking on a rescue dog is so rewarding, and Battersea did a great job of finding us our perfect companion.”


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Gizmo the chinchilla









Gizmo featured in May 2013

This week’s rescue pet is Gizmo, a shy 17-month-old male chinchilla (ref BS24572) being cared for by Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Interested? Phone 01225 750192 or visit Bath Cats & Dogs Home.To find out the outcomes of the rescued pets featured in this column, visit the website Pet Subjects Rescue.


 Gizmo was rehomed in May/June 2013. It would however appear that Gizmo is in fact a girl and not a boy as previously thought (quite a common mistake apparently). Gizmo is now ‘living it up’ at The Park Community Centre in Knowle (near Bristol). Gizmo is one of many animals living in the animal outreach department who’s aims are to teach children, young adults and people with learning disabilities basic pet care needs and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Apparently Gizmo is quite a character and a real hit with the children. What a big achievement for such as a small, cuddly creature!




Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Whisper, a beautiful chocolate labrador


Whisper featured in April 2013

Whisper is a beautiful, 7 month old chocolate bitch, currently in foster. Whisper is bouncy and typical for her age, she has lived with children, good with other dogs and is micro-chipped and vaccinated. This stunning young Labrador needs a loving home to continue her training. Whisper is one of three beautiful chocolate Labradors we currently have waiting for their forever homes.

If you have a place in your home, please contact: Janet Butler of The Labrador Lifeline Trust 01923446785 www.labrador-lifeline.co.uk


Whisper is very happy in her new home. She has someone around all day to give her the attention that she needed so desperately. Another dog from a bad situation that has fallen firmly on her paws and made a human’s life complete.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Robin, a two year old male Lurcher

petrescue_2534630a (1)








Robin featured in April 2013

This week’s rescue pet is Robin, a two-year-old male Lurcher. To find out more information please Contact: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (0843 509 4444). To find out the outcomes of the rescued pets featured in this column, seepetsubjectsrescue.com


Robin is doing very well with the Washington family from Thornton Heath, Surrey. There are two young girls in the family and they just adore him. I actually saw the family when they brought Robin to Battersea’s Annual Reunion last month and they all were very happy. They even entered Robin into the Fancy Dress competition and dressed him as a wizard, pointy hat and all. He was very handsome! It was great to see them all again so happy. 






Pet Subjects Rescue: Apricot and Blackberry, two lovely large rabbits.














Apricot and Blackberry feature this weekend – 16th November 2013

This lovely pair of large rabbits are Apricot and Blackberry. They are very happy friendly rabbits who like a bit of fuss, but are not too keen on being picked up – they prefer to have all four feet on the ground.

They both just love hopping around out in their run on the grass, running through tunnels jumping on top of boxes before having a good stretch and a lay down. These two would love to be homed together as they are a very bonded pair and enjoy each other’s company.

If you think you can offer Apricot and Blackberry a home please contact Blue Cross in Burford on 0300 777 1570.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Womble and Raisin, two greyhound brothers









Womble and Raisin featured in April 2013

This week’s rescue pets are Womble and Raisin, two Greyhound brothers. Contact Dogs Trust in Harefield, West London on 0845 076 3647 or visit dogstrust.org.uk. To learn more of the outcomes of the rescued pets featured in this column, visit petsubjectsrescue.com.


Needless to say the pair have settled in brilliantly and have made themselves at home! Raisin stretched out on the sofa pretty much as soon as he arrived and due to his size that didn’t leave much room for anyone else! Womble was a little more timid but his confidence is growing and he’s coming out of his shell. They’re completely different dogs, Raisin is very astute to the foxes in the area and likes to let us know if he hears any! He’s also a creature of habit and an early bird as he wakes us up at around 7am, even on the weekends!


Pet Subjects Rescue: Dylan is a 2 year old black labrador

Dylan 2

Dylan features in this weekend’s Telegraph

Dylan is a two year old male Black Labrador who has been castrated and microchipped. He is a lively, fun boy who is very affectionate. He has not lived with children and is not good with cats. He is very good in the car. He needs an experienced home, as he can be dominant with other dogs but this is being addressed. He is currently in foster care. He will make a fantastic companion with patience and continued love. If you think you fit the bill then please contact the Labrador Lifeline Trust on 01923 446785 or visit www.labrador-lifeline.co.uk (Ref HD3528)

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Ed the guinea pig


Ed featured in March 2013

This week’s rescue pet is Ed, a seven-month-old guinea pig. Contact Blue Cross in Burford, Oxon on 0300 777 1570 or email burford@bluecross.org.uk


When Ed came to us he was very shy, he didn’t like being handled and had never lived outside.

Our 10 year old son Ben (who is also quite shy and doesn’t like being manhandled!) spent a lot of time stroking and gently grooming him and they developed a real bond.  These days Ed lives in a large run in the garden with his best friend Hayley (another guinea pig adopted from the Blue Cross).  As a baby, Hayley had been bullied by her Mum who often stopped her having any food but Ed loves Hayley to bits and would happily share his last carrot with her.

They love chasing each other around their run, munching from the same bowl or curling up together in their shelter.  Ed loves to eat anything crunchy and his favourite occasional treat is raw corn on the cob – husk, silks and all.

Pet Subjects Rescue: Sparkle and Glitter, a pair of kittens

Sparkle and Glitter

Sparkle and Glitter

“Sparkle and Glitter are two of four tiny kittens who were dumped in a cardboard box down an alley in East London. Their pitiful cries alerted a concerned passerby who brought them to our clinic. They were dirty and emaciated, needing a bath, lots of TLC and food. Two have already been homed but these little brothers are still with us and desperate for a home of their own.”

To find out more, contact Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Canning Town clinic, Tel: 020 74748811 or www.celiahammond.org


Pet Subjects Rescue: Rizzler, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Rizzler (2)

Name: Rizzler Age: 3-5 years old Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) Sex: Male Reference: 13/00483
Rizzler is a friendly and playful dog who has been overlooked for too long. A fine example of his breed, he is social with people and relaxes in their company. He is extremely loyal and it is easy to feel a bond with him. He is loving and affectionate and has shown to be responsive to training. Rizzler can be excitable at times so will need some ground rules put in place and he also needs some good dog socialising to help him learn how to interact properly with other dogs. With some patience and training Rizzler will be the most loving and rewarding pet. Rizzler is finding kennel life quite stressful, so is spending some time in a foster home.  His foster carer says he’s settled very quickly, he loves tennis balls and has been known to find one in the park and take it straight home to add to his stash of others! If you could give Rizzler a home, please call Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0843 509 4444 to find out more information.

Pet Subjects Rescue: Rowan, Bluebell and Aston – three baby rabbits.

Rabbits Rowan Bluebell Aston 31 May 13 (2)

Rowan, Bluebell and Aston feature today – 12th July 2013

Rabbits – babies Rowan, Bluebell and Aston were part of a litter of five rabbits found abandoned on a nature reserve. They were taken to Blue Cross in Burford, where they are now looking for new homes. If you would like more information please contact Burford Blue Cross rehoming centre on 0300 777 1570.



Pet Subjects Rescue: Snoop, a friendly cat










Snoop featured in March 2013

Cats Protection rescued Snoop from being a stray and, although they
managed to find his owner, they weren’t able to take him back. So
Snoop would love to find a new home to settle in to as soon as he can.
He’s a friendly cat, who would prefer not to share with other pets,
and he’d like access to a garden once he’s settled in.                                                                           Contact the North Ayrshire branch of Cats Protection on 0845 371 4218 or email northayrshirecatsprotection@gmail.com


Pet Subjects Rescue: Bailey, a young male staffie.

bailey1 (1)

Bailey featured on 28th June 2013

This is Bailey, a young male staffie.  Bailey is looking for a special home as he was born deaf. He can lead a normal life the same as any other dog, but you just have to be aware for him.  Deaf dogs are usually extra clever and attentive as they use their other senses even more than a normal dog.  They are trained by using hand signals and Bailey knows his basic signals already.  This poor boy has been in kennels now for several months and is beginning to get depressed as he keeps getting overlooked.  Bailey is a really friendly dog who loves being with people and he doesn’t seem bothered by other dogs either, he is very friendly and waggy when he see other dogs..  He really is a big softie and is desperate for a family of his own to love and give him the attention he so deserves.  He is quite strong on the lead at the moment but he is so desperate to get out of his kennel and go for a walk.  When he is let loose in the field he doesn’t charge off he is happy to stay around you and keeps coming back to you for reassurance and a cuddle.  If you are looking for a very special friend and want to give a very deserving dog a great home please get in touch and come and meet Bailey. Contact Dogs Friends @ 07977808645


Pet Subjects Rescue: Steve, a loving, affectionate, neutered five-year-old cat.

A rescue cat

Steve featured on 5th February 2013

Steve was a stray, but the person who found him couldn’t keep him as he didn’t settle with their own cats. He is a loving and affectionate boy, and only about five years old. Steve has been neutered, vet checked, microchipped and vaccinated and is now waiting for someone to give him the fresh start that he deserves. If you live in the North Ayershire area and can offer Steve a loving home, please contact the North Ayershire Branch on 0845 371 4218, or visit northayrshire.cats.org.uk


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Jess, a one-year-old spayed female cat.

Rescue cat called Jess

Jess featured on the 23rd January 2013

This week’s rescue pet is Jess, a one-year-old spayed female. For more information, contact the Blue Cross in Torbay on: 0300 777 1550 or visit bluecross.org.uk


Jess was adopted by a family in Teignmouth. She has settled in really well and is great company.     She gets on especially well with the children, sleeping on their daughter’s bed most nights and following them to school. Jess also likes to visit the nearby allotments, where she wanders around watching people doing their gardening.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Mickey a neutered male mouse

Mickey featured in June 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Mickey, a neutered male mouse from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.


Mickey is a young neutered male mouse who is ready to go to a new home. Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare usually has a number of mice looking for new homes, because mice can have large litters and they tend to breed all year round. Raystede often has large numbers brought in from just one source.

Mice make great companion animals as they are very tactile, they like to investigate your clothing and hair whilst hitching a lift on your shoulder, and can even be trained to sit in your pockets or behind your neck. These little creatures are good fun and make great pets for children from about the age of eight. Just remember to ensure that you only have same sex groups, to avoid being inundated with baby mice.

If you are interested in finding out more about rehoming mice from Raystede, then please contact the Small Animal Unit at Raystederaystede.org telephone  01825 840252


Mickey was re-homed in late 2012 and is very happy in his new home and he is doing very well.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Maggie and Jack, two neutered rabbits


Maggie and Jack featured in March 2012

This week’s rescue animals are Maggie and Jack. Maggie (a spayed doe) was brought into Raystede as a stray and is thought to be around four years of age. Jack (a neutered buck) is approximately seven years old. We have bonded the pair as Jack lost his mate last year to myxomatosis.

Jack survived because he had been vaccinated. The two rabbits are very happy together and can only homed as a pair as they are very much in love. If you feel you could give Maggie and Jack a new loving “forever home”, please contact Raystede’s Small Animals Department on  01825 840252 or visit raystede.org.


Maggie and Jack the rabbits are still with us and living a very happy life at Raystede – they are getting on in years, but are still available for re-homing. We will soon have to offer them a foster home, because they are getting old and require some specialist medical care – Jack is having acupuncture treatment to help with his aches in his joints.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Lucy, a friendly young cat

Lucythecat0_2481357c (1)








Lucy was featured on 20th February 2013

Lucy was a stray until Cat’s Protection took her into their foster care. She wasn’t microchipped and they were unable to find her owner, so she is looking for a new loving home of her own, without younger children. She has been fully vet checked, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and is waiting now to be adopted. To find out more, contact the North Ayrshire branch of Cats Protection on 0845 371 4218 or go to northayrshire.cats.org.uk.


Lucy has been successfully rehomed. She is a lovely affectionate cat and has really taken to her new owner. Having been rescued from life on the streets as a stray, Lucy doesn’t like to venture outside away from the house, preferring to stay securely inside purring contentedly.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Winnie and Wilf, young adult cats looking for a home together


Winnie and Wilf featured on 22nd September 2012

Winnie and Wilf are both about a year old and were brought to Cats Protection’s Farnham and Wey Valley branch after being abandoned when they were kittens. Winnie is very friendly whilst Wilf can be a little shy; Wilf also needs to follow a special diet. The branch would like to find them a home together, preferably with an enclosed garden and with no other pets or small children. If you live in the Farnborough area and would like to adopt them please call  01252 334 644.


Both Winnie and Wilf are doing very well. When we first had them they were very nervous and just wanted to hide away from everyone. Now they are quite different and behave like any other ‘normal’ cat, sitting on laps and enjoying being stroked. They seem to be telling us that they approve of us and their surroundings ­­- and that the service here is reasonably acceptable. Strangers to the house are treated with some care but the people that they know, such as my two sons and their wives, are no problem and we even had a telephone engineer ‘inspected’ and passed as OK by our little furry friends.

 When we collected Winnie and Wilf they were reported as suffering from problem tummies and were on sensitive diets but we have never experienced any signs of a problem with them, despite Wilf’s taste for butter if we don’t watch him! To sum up, they are a delight and we consider ourselves very lucky to have them living with us thanks to Cats Protection.

 I attach a couple of pictures of the pair to show how laid back they are.


P3310373 Wilf

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Oreo a little kitten looking for a home


Oreo featured  in September 2012

Over the past month the Bath Cats & Dogs Home has been inundated with kittens and pregnant cats. There are now more than 25 beautiful kittens looking for homes. Oreo (pictured) is a typical example. To find out more, phone  01225 787321 or visit bcdh.org.uk or visittelegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth


Oreo was renamed Orla and was actually rehomed with another black kitten of ours called Murray, and apparently both are doing well and just full of beans. Orla and Murray are just beginning to perfect their jumping and climbing skills, and have started to notice butterflies and birds in the garden. The pair do everything together; they eat, sleep and play together and have a particular penchant for roast chicken and ham!!! Orla is apparently the bravest of the two and she won’t hesitate to explore and bounce at you, whilst Murray tends to stay back and watch from the side lines.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Four pairs of Kunekune Pigs


Four pairs of Kunekune pigs that featured in January 2012

Four pairs of Kunekune pigs are looking for new homes. They were rescued by the RSPCA after being left without shelter in a field in Paddock Wood near Tonbridge in Kent.

The pigs which range in age from a few months to a year old, were kept in four fenced pens with no place to get out of the ice, wind and rain. They had no straw or other bedding. Members of the public had reported that the pigs were escaping onto a nearby road and were in danger of being run over.        Contact: RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9RS.


The three girls came to us pregnant (we only knew that one possibly was) so there was a rapid change in pig numbers within the first three months.

The eldest female, Lady Hillary of Woodchurch was the first to give birth and her piglets were all healthy and all time consuming. Especially her runt which we named Oopsydaisy because she kept falling over. She got transferred into the new chick pen to keep warm under the heat lamp because she was shivering out all of her calories – (top photo). She even got a tiny dolls jumper to help her stay warm. She was fed every three hours for a month to build up her strength.

The other two girls, named Stinkerbell (she did earn it, by climbing into her water trough and then rolling in the mud) and Spamela also had healthy happy litters.

We are now the proud owners of 26 Kune Kune who definitely keep us on our toes.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Four pairs of Kunekune pigs


Four pairs of KuneKune pigs that featured in January 2012

Four pairs of Kunekune pigs are looking for new homes. They were rescued by the RSPCA after being left without shelter in a field in Paddock Wood near Tonbridge in Kent.

The pigs which range in age from a few months to a year old, were kept in four fenced pens with no place to get out of the ice, wind and rain. They had no straw or other bedding. Members of the public had reported that the pigs were escaping onto a nearby road and were in danger of being run over.        Contact: RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 9RS.


There were 8 pigs rescued from a tiny pen 4mx4m in the middle of a field in winter. They had to be dug out of the frozen mud where they had no food or water either. You couldn’t even tell if they were male or female never mind what colour they were.

There were five boys and three girls. The biggest boar we named Notorious P.I.G and he has fast become my favourite. Not so much with the boys on the farm as he has a distrust of males and will chomp at the mouth frothing up and charge at them if they come near his field. He (along with all of them) was thoroughly checked over by our vet and it appears he has very large scars from what looks to be severe beatings.IMG_20130416_114402 Its taken almost a year, but he now, with me, displays typical Kune Kune behavior and allows me to rub is belly which makes him ‘play dead’ by falling to the side with a thud for more. He loves his three ladies and regularly tries to sneak over the electric fencing in any way he can. Once he even tried to carry his stye over on his back as if we wouldn’t notice a 8ft x 4ft house moving. Haa haa. He has also decided that he needs to be fed first and if I don’t drop his fruit and vegetables off first he barks and grunts and then goes in his stye to sulk. Here he is smiling at his dinner.

The top picture is of the eldest female, Lady Hillary of Woodchurch and she was the first to give birth and her piglets were all healthy and all very time consuming.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Blossom, an 8 month old three-legged Staffie cross


Blossom featured in September 2012

Blossom is a three-legged Staffie cross who is 8 months old. For more information contact http://www.dogstrust.org.uk


Lovely Blossom was actually rehomed to a member of staff at Dogs Trust Harefield, so still comes into the centre and is based on reception with her fellow canine chums!


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Gracie, a nervous black cat and her two kittens

ellie and rosy

Gracie and her two kittens featured in March 2012

This week’s rescue animal is Gracie, a nervous black cat looking for a home along with her two lovely kittens (who are now young adults). To find out more contact Cats Protection on 03000 121212 or visittelegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth.


Gracie was successfully rehomed in Jan 2013 and is doing very well.

The kittens new owner was devastated after losing two cats within three months of each other last year. She went to the NCAC by chance and fell for the two cats as they were so sad. She collected them with a leaflet about shy and timid cats. Initially they hid a lot under her bed so she put a vet bed with a woolly blanket there for them. At night she can hear one of them snoring softly. She named them Rosy and Ellie – the latter after Ellie the elephant because she thunders around a lot. Both are very lively. She spent a lot of time playing games with them like trailing paper streamers along the house. The cats like to catch them and trot off proudly with them in their mouths just like a dog! Their owner feels playing games with them was key to getting them out of their shell.

Now two months later they are far more friendly and enjoy being stroked. They are starting to go into the garden and like to bird watch under the bush and to chase around it. They also sneak across the grass like super cat without realizing how visible they are. They like snoozing in the sunshine in a basket in a bedroom.

She says they are a delight and pleasure to have and she is very grateful to Cats Protection.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Bruno is a gorgeous ten-month-old crossbred dog

Brunorescue_2271973b (1)

Bruno featured in July 2012

Bruno is a ten-month-old crossbreed searching for a place to call home. He arrived at Dogs Trust as an unwanted stray, the first year of his life has not been a happy one and canine carers are hoping is luck will soon change.

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, says:

“Bruno an adorable, inquisitive boy who is just ten months old so needs patient owners who have time to help him settle into his new home and continue his training. He likes meeting other dogs when out walking but would need to be the only pet in the home so he can enjoy all the attention.”

Bruno needs a quiet adult home and could live with children over 16. He is a special boy who just needs the love of a new owner to help his confidence grow. With lots of love in the right home, he could make the perfect pet.

If you think Bruno is the dog for you would like to find out more about adopting a rescue dog, please call Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576 or visit dogstrust.org.uk.


 Bruno was adopted in December and went to live in Kent. He was the only dog so is enjoying getting lots of attention, which he loves. We haven’t heard from his owners lately but the last time we spoke, he was doing really well.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Snowy, an energetic and affectionate gerbil.

On 11th December 2012, Snowy was featured.

Snowy is a very energetic gerbil. He loves to hoard and to build things using toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. He will quite simply spend hours making ‘castles’ and ‘dens’, then remodel them and build new extensions. He must have been a builder in a former life! Snowy is also very affectionate and likes being picked up and scurry along your arms, around your neck and if you’re lucky down your jumper! He would make a great family pet and would ideally suit a home with children.


Snowy is the most laid back gerbil the Wilmot family (in Bristol) have ever had, Snowy likes to sit on your shoulder and squeak in your ear. He’s particularly active on a Saturday night when he likes to watch the lottery results. His favourite foods are blueberries.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Charlie, a three year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Charlie featured in March 2012

Charlie is a three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier. To find out more about rescuing him, call Battersea Dogs and Cats home on 020 7627 9234 or visit telegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth


Sadly our clinic took the incredibly difficult decision to put Charlie to sleep in July due to the development of a complicated orthopedic condition with a poor prognosis. We are really sorry to have to pass on such sad news.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Nasher, a four-year-old Shetland Pony


Nasher featured in March 2012

Nasher is a four year old Shetland pony who is now ready to be rehomed. He was abandoned and came to the World Horse Welfare Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Lancashire initially in 2010 with very poor teeth but due to lots of work with our equine dentist, he has significantly improved and will now be fine to go on and lead a happy life in a loving new home. The Centre also have a wide range of other horses and ponies who have been rescued, successfully completed their rehabilitation, and are now ready to be rehomed. To find out more, phone World Horse Welfare on: 01953 497248 or visit telegraph.co.uk/ health/petshealth


Nasher was successfully rehomed in March 2012 as a non ridden companion. He was visited by one of our field officers in September 2012 and was found to be very well.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: A 16 month old Golden Labrador called Sam

Sam featured in November 2011


This week’s featured rescue dog is a lovely 16 month old Golden Labrador called Sam. He gets on well with other dogs and loves to play. He is very sociable with people, loving attention and cuddles. Sam has been with Dogs Friends for nearly a year due to the fact he has hip dysplasia. However, despite this, he can walk four miles once a week. He is a typical Labrador and will find the smallest, muddiest, smelliest patch of water and manage to get almost all of himself covered. He isn’t a dog for the house proud! He is wary of young children so would need a home with only teenage children or adults, and he would love another dog for company.

Dogs Friends is a small dog rescue society which rescues and rehomes dogs in the Bristol, Bath and North Somerset area. Like most rescue societies we have dogs that have been in our care for a long time through no fault of their own. Visit http://dogsfriends.me.uk/ to find out more.


We had three or four good enquiries for Sam. One couple who were from Lands End, Cornwall and another from the North of England. It wasn’t practical for Sam to go to either of these homes. Another family who were a suitable home but they would not agree that Sam would be neutered which is Dogs Friends policy so unfortunately he couldn’t go to them. At the same time, we got a good home offer through a Labrador rescue society of a home in Bournemouth and Sam was sucessfully rehomed with them where we hear he is doing very well.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Two rabbits – Sidney and Gary


Sidney and Gary featured in November 2011

Sidney (pictured left) is a Dutch Cross and was born at Raystede earlier this year, after her mother came to us pregnant. Now seven months old, she is a very inquisitive rabbit and loves people. She is a big fan of food.

Gary is a two year old Rex rabbit. He came to Raystede in June after being found as a stray. At Raystede, we always keep rabbits in pairs, as they are social animals. We put him with Sidney and the pair of them really got along well. Gary was a real grump when he first arrived here, but he is now coming out of his shell. Like Sidney, he loves his food and both are very fond of a tickle.

Both Sidney and Gary have been neutered and would like to find a home together after bonding so well. To offer them a home or to make a donation, please call 01825 840252 or visit www.raystede.org.


Sidney and Gary were rehomed in April last year. They are now living very happily as a pair in their new home.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Hedgehog, a balding hen


Hedgehog featured in October 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Hedgehog, so-called because she was bald, with only spiky damaged feathers when rescued. She is one of many birds looking for a home via the British Hen Welfare Trust. To find out more about re-homing, hen sponsorship and the benefits of free-ranging, visit: bhwt.org.uk, email: info@bhwt.org.uk or tel: 01769 580310.


Hedgehog was retained by the British Hen Welfare Trust when she first came out of her battery cage because of a mild limp which needed further investigation.  She stayed at the Devon based ‘henspital’ and over a period of time – and several treatments later – it became apparent that Hedgehog had a mild form of arthritis.  Inevitably she has stayed put and although still hobbling, manages to enjoy life.  Initially she settled in with a flock of wobbly, wonky former feathered colleagues all of whom for one reason or another were not suitable for re-homing, but then one foot worsened and she now lives in utter comfort with a single handicapped hen, called Bunty.

They enjoy a heat lamp on chilly days, have the best deep soft bed a hen could possibly wish for, and have warm meals and drinks served three times daily, the favourite being mash with a little porridge and a handful of juicy sweetcorn niblets scattered on top!  Not that we spoil our hens or anything! Hedgehog has become increasingly approving of this new lifestyle despite her bad foot and she voices this through constant chatter, especially when food is about to be served!

On high days and warm, sunny days, Hedgehog and Bunty venture outside, but only under supervision on soft dry grass…it’s not free range life as we know it, but it’s pretty darned good for two hens that used to live in a cage!


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Bill and Ben, two black Labradors

Bill and Ben were featured in November 2011

Black Labradors, Bill and Ben, are seven year old brothers. They are fit, lively dogs who are looking for the right home together. They are not dominant, aggressive, possessive nor destructive, and they don’t pull on the lead. They are generally obedient dogs who generally come when called. They have no particular health issues, but they do need to have their ears kept clean. They have not lived with children, and are known to chase cats. They will make a delightful addition to the right home. They are delightful chaps, but it’s been a challenge finding a home for them: rehoming one dog these days is difficult enough, and it’s even harder to find a home for two dogs.

To find out more, contact the Labrador Lifeline Trust at www.labrador-lifeline.co.uk.

The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a registered charity, set up in 1996 to rescue and re-home Labradors whose owners can’t keep them. The Trust is a Kennel Club Approved Breed Rescue and is a full member of the ADCH (Association of Dog & Cat Homes). (http://www.adch.org.uk/)


Bill and Ben were eventually rehomed together to a lovely couple who own a
farm in Norfolk.  They have both settled down extremely well and are getting
plenty of exercise on this arable farm.  We thought it best rather than
rehoming to a livestock farm just in case.  However, we need not have
worried as they are both perfect gentleman when it comes to other animals.
The couple had seen the article in the Telegraph and were quite happy to
make the journey down South to view the boys and it was love at first sight.
Our helper said that they could not wait to get into the car and get going.
A lovely ending for two smashing Labradors who found themselves in need of a
new home through no fault of their own.



Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Billy, a seven-year-old male neutered Persian Cat


Billy featured on 7th November 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Billy, a seven-year-old neutered male Persian cat from Bath Cats and Dogs Home. To find out more about him, visitbcdh.org.uk or call  01225 787 321.


Billie the Persian has flourished since he moved in with the Ellis family in Westbury. He’s a very comical Persian. He’s certainly come out his shell and even likes to play with the other family feline called Freddie. Cuddles on the sofa and early wake up calls are Billie’s favourite past times.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Kiara and Rafiki, two young Lionhead Rabbits


Kiara and Rafiki featured on 13th October 2012

This week’s rescue pets are Kiara and Rafiki, two young lionhead rabbits who were brought into Bath Dog and Cat home as an unwanted litter. They are now two months old. Since rabbits are sociable animals, they prefer to live in small family groups. Kiara is the female (ref BR23508), and Rafiki (refBR23510) the male.To find out more phone 01225 787321.


Siblings, Kiara and Rafiki, are living the Life of Riley in Bath with the Davies family. These Lionhead crosses are full of beans, they spend most of their time running around and perfecting their somersault skills. They have free reign of the garden during the day and sometimes venture into the house when they’re feeling inquisitive and bold. They’ve also developed a taste for rocket and oat cakes!

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Chunk, a one year old male ferret


Chunk was featured on 29th October 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Chunk, a one-year-old male ferret. To find out more, call Bath Cats & Dogs Home on 01225 787321 or visit bcdh.org.uk.


Chunk the ferret now lives in Trowbridge with the Turner family and has been renamed ‘Moon’ to fit in with his fellow ferret playmates called Mercury, Mars and Milky. Moon still likes to play in his wellies and has now also taken to watching Torchwood in an evening on the sofa, going for walks outdoors on his harness and nibbling on eggs and drinking water from a pint glass just like the lads!

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Morgan, a two year old neutered female cat


Morgan featured in June 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Morgan, a two-year-old neutered female cat who was found abandoned in a box. If you’re interested, please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7627 9279 or visittelegraph.co.uk/health/petshealth.


Sadly Morgan was put to sleep. She developed severe behavioural issues and had attacked numerous staff and volunteers. Despite all we did for her, her behaviour deteriorated and we couldn’t have rehomed her. I’m really sorry to give you the sad news.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Lutino, a beautiful and independent Parakeet


Lutino featured on 4th December 2012

Lutino is a beautiful and indpendent parakeet with lots of personality. He can be rehomed with other birds his size or bigger but not smaller birds.
Parakeets tend to be full of energy and are very socialiable with fellow parakeets as well as people. Because Lutino was found as a stray, he is unfortunately hand shy and finds this quite upsetting. This could change though over time and with the right home environment. Not only are parakeets intelligent, they also have outgoing personalities. And Lutino certainly has plenty of that! He is very energetic, talkative, and likes to explore his aviary and put his flying skills to good use. He also enjoys climbing his cage, looking at himself in the mirror (“who’s a pretty boy?!”) and play with his bird toys.


Lutino is now living it up in Bridgwater with the Pearce family. He is still settling in and so is a little quiet, but his new owners are currently looking for a new female companion to help bring him out of his shell. Lutino likes to stay warm perched on his indoor swing. His favourite past time is munching on peanuts and nibbling on apples.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Oran, a sensitive greyhound


Oran featured in June 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Oran, a sensitive but good-natured greyhound being cared for by Greyhound Gap (greyhoundgap.org.uk). They say Oran gets on well with other dogs, both big and small. Ideally he needs a cat-free home with other greyhounds preferably a steady female or females to help him with his confidence issues. We feel he shows signs of soon coming around and his confidence will build quickly, however he is more scared of men than women. Any males in the house would need to be quite quiet and gentle and allow him to bond with them in his own time. Oran can be nervous of loud noises when out on a lead, so needs someone who understands greyhounds and their reactions.

A home with older teenage children would be best. Noisy younger ones may be too much for him.

Oran is vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped and neutered. He is currently in the kennels in Stoke on Trent. In the first instance to offer Oran a home please fill in our pre adoption questionnaire:greyhoundgap.com/homing-a-adoption/pre-adoption-questionnaire

To find out more, phone Rose Marie on 0118 944 0400 (9am-9pm).


We were really missing having a greyhound (our last 3 had all recently passed away) in our pack and decided we would like to adopt Oran. We changed his name to Orin as it was easier to say but mostly he’s called Orin. Orin was indeed a very nervous and frightened of everything when he first arrived. As the weeks went by he gained in confidence and being part of a large pack really helped him. Orin is completely 100% his Daddy’s boy, he sleeps all day like most greyhounds but as soon as his Dad comes home he turns into a great big clown and acts the fool and gets so excited.

Orin is lucky that he has so many playmates as he was one of 4 young dogs we brought into the pack last year making a total of 7 Taylor hounds. Orin is very respectful to the older pack members and has learnt he has to share toys and treats, he is also learning to play a bit more gently as when he gets excited he can be a bit full on.

When Orin first arrived he would either run and hide from visitors or stand and bark at them, these days he’s in the middle of the pack pushing and shoving to get some attention. Loud unexpected noises still frighten him but he is more inclined to take his lead from the pack and if they’re not bothered he realises he needn’t be either.

 Orin has brought back fun and laughter to our pack and really is a beautiful dog with so much love to give. Orin’s favourite thing to do is snuggling up to the other hounds and he is so gentle when he climbs onto the sofa, he is a real snuggle bunny.


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Tiggy, a three-year old female domestic long haired cat


Tiggy featured in February 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Tiggy, a three-year-old female domestic long haired cat. She can be a little bit shy with strangers but when she makes friends she enjoys a bit of a fuss. Often she prefers her games, she particularly loves playing with fishing rod toys. She would prefer a home with older children as youngsters scare her a bit and she isn’t too keen on other cats. For more information about Tiggy please contact The Blue Cross in Torbay on 0300 777 1550 or see all Blue Cross animals needing homes at www.bluecross.org.uk


Tiggy was rehomed from our Torbay centre shortly after featuring in the Telegraph. She went to live with a couple in Torquay and has settled in well to her new home, which she shares with a 13 year old patterdale terrier. Tiggy enjoys regular visits from her owners’ grandchildren too.

Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: A cross-bred Lurcher from Yorkahire, called Elton

Elton featured in December 2011.

This week’s rescue animal is a crossbred lurcher from Yorkshire called Elton. To find out more, visit telegraph.co.uk/family/pets


Elton was just one when he was picked up as a stray and he was happily rehomed after a few months with Blue Cross. He lives with his new owner Victoria in her two bedroomed cottage and Elton and Victoria’s other 2 dogs share their own room. Victoria said:  “First of all, pre-adoption I decided he looked more like a Flynn than an Elton so I renamed him. Flynn is quite a cheeky name to me and cheeky he can be. Since being with me he has enjoyed camping in the lake district where the dogs had their own partitioned side of the tent! He enjoys daily walks in the local parks where he loves to run after balls and tries to keep up with my other much faster lurcher Murphy. As well as the parks he enjoys exploring the local riverside, the beach and once or twice a week my mother walks him and my other two rescue dogs, the previously mentioned Murphy and Stan my greyhound. He has a particular liking for my mother, I think it’s because rather than a tennis ball she plays with him with his very own football which she keeps in her car for him! She takes them different places to where I take the dogs, I think it’s important to keep a dog interested and give them variety in their outings. His favourite things are his tennis and footballs, my mother, an occasional treat of a sausage roll, his sofa (all dogs have a sofa and double bed to share in my spare (their) bedroom!!).


Pet Subjects Rescue Outcome: Ben, a 13 year old cat


Ben featured in May 2012

Ben is 13 years old and has been in the care of Cats Protection for
four months since his owner sadly passed away. He is a large, gentle
cat who loves affection and cuddles and purrs happily when his tummy
is brushed! He also likes to have his face stroked. Ben is in need of
a retirement home and would be best suited to an adult-only household
but is used to living with a dog and other cats. Ben is neutered,
microchipped and vaccinated and is on medication for rhinitis. If you
live in the Gosport area and would like to offer Ben a home please
call Cats Protection’s Gosport Town Branch on 02392
582 601.


Not good news for Ben, I’m afraid. It seems that his condition has put
off any potential adopters so he has stayed with his fosterer.
Unfortunately he seems to have taken a turn for the worse so is under
vet care at the moment.